Want to get in to the property market but unsure how or when? Need help dealing with the Real Estate Agents. We can help!

Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether it is to buy your dream forever home or build a property portfolio like we have done. Use our expertise and knowledge to buy the right property with the right strategy customised to your goals.


From family home buyers to residential and commercial investors,

we have the right experience to suit your needs.

Full Service

A full service means that Personalised Property Professionals will do the hard work for you. We will ask you lots of questions to understand what you're looking for and create a list of your must-haves. We will then research and recommend the best properties for you, checking for fire, flood, potential growth and yield, and value comparisons.

Once you choose a property, we will work with you to negotiate the best price and plan. To successfully purchase a property, you need a team that includes a lender, building and pest inspectors, legal advisors, and sometimes private town planners. We can work with your established team or recommend professionals we've used.

Before the contract of sale becomes final, we recommend having a legal expert review it. We can guide you through this part of the process.


At Rise Property Buyers, we aim to understand your financial goals so that we are able support your long term vision when it comes to investing in property. Establishing a passive income is essential to achieving financial freedom. We want to create a system where your money is working for you.

Analyse and Negotiate

Our analysis and negotiation service is ideal for the buyer whom enjoys the search and finds their own property but wants to bring in the experts to get the true market value of the property and know that they can secure it at the right price through expert negotiation.

This plan includes a Market appraisal so you have data on the market value of the property and an outlined negotiation plan to secure the property.

The final step is the negotiation via private treaty or auction, until a property is purchased. The fee remains the same regardless of how many negotiations or auctions we attend.

Auction Bidding

We will take the emotion and potential over spending out of this process by giving you a full understanding of the properties worth and being there to utilise our skills to play the agent games to get the property at the best price for you.


The high end market is a difficult space to navigate.

Choices are slim and you need to have your finger on the pulse to make sure you can pull the trigger when the perfect property comes up. Dealing with agents can be a challenge, especially when they are only presenting you properties on their list.

Hand holding for DIY

If you want to go it alone but want the confidence of having an expert on speed dial we can assist, be it the whole process or just one step. Reach out and let us know how we can assist.

What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Back in 2009 I was at a crossroads with some financial decisions. Unsure what to do, or how to do it, I was lucky enough to sit down with Lisa to assess my options. She understood my position right from the start. She was able to put me at ease, help me understand the process of purchasing land and building. Together we looked through my finances, and she helped me see what my purchasing options could be.

The personalised comes in when she checks in on me still to see how I am going with my journey.

Only regret? I wish I had done it sooner. Don’t hesitate. Life moves so quickly. Make the most of it.

Call Lisa!

Joel R

Jan Juc, VIC

I sat with Lisa and Brian for my strategy call, and it was immediately clear that these guys know what they're talking about. 

They've helped to fine tune my property investment strategy, and continue to mentor me through the process of getting to the deal.  I have no doubt that when I do my next property deal, it will be the right fit for me, at the right time with the right strategy.


Lisa and Brian rock!  I can't recommend them highly enough.


Bardon, QLD

Lisa and Brian have been instrumental in growing my property portfolio with purpose and a clear direction. I suffer from analysis paralysis on a grand scale, but with their analytical insights, drawing from years of investing experience, we identified my overarching property goals and the property type I needed to purchase for a balanced portfolio.  This high level strategy is key to reach this goal, and I couldn’t have done it without them.   …….OK, I am not there yet, but I am well on my way.  With the steps clearly outlined, I am confident I will reach my goal rather than just  "hoping" to reach my goal as I used to do.   Looking forward to working together again on the next one!  

Thank you L and B for your amazing, no-nonsense guidance!!!     

Rachael J

Brisbane, QLD



Look through the answers we have given commonly asked questions relating to our service and buying advocacy.

Is 2024 a good time to buy

We strongly believe that history will tell us that 2020 and 2023 were the two of the best buying opportunities in Australia. The 10/10 consecutive interest rate rises has caused some pain and value decreases in parts of the Australian property market – but certainly not all. Some areas are still increasing in value. We strongly believe that at the moment some homes are “on Sale” at the moment – that is – you can buy them right now for less than their true value and their value will significantly increase over the next 12 – 36 months. This is a great time to change your home or buy an investment. But you do need to move now.

Why Use a Buyers Agent

Not everyone needs a buyer's agent, some people have the time and skills to find their own property and negotiate on the deal. Purchasing property will be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Most Australians need a hand with part or all of the process. It is true that using a Buyer's Agent can be beneficial for property buyers as they can provide professional representation and support throughout each stage of the transaction. A Buyer’s Agent can help buyers navigate the complexities of the property market, provide expert advice on property values and negotiate on the buyer’s behalf to secure the best possible price and terms. Additionally, a Buyer’s Agent can provide access to off-market properties and help buyers save time and effort by identifying and screening suitable properties based on the buyer’s specific criteria. Overall, using a Buyer’s Agent can be a wise investment for property buyers looking to maximise their returns and minimise their risks.

Why use Personalised Property Professionals

We dont have any slick sales strategy or marketing department, we rely mainly on word of mouth and return customers. Having been there and done it and in the market for over 20 years this experience is what you are getting. You can use the full service, a specific part of our service or simply as a guide through the process.

Investment Clients

For investors we have an extensive knowledge of the East Coast property markets and experience working with different types of clients. Our commitment is to find a property that meets and exceeds our client's needs. The fact is that we get boots on the ground in the target area that shows we are willing to go the extra mile to provide a personalised service to our clients. ‘The right investor market’ changes and cycles with many variables that effect all economic factors in Australia. We use up to date data and market analysis to buy in an area when its warm – before it becomes a ‘Hot Spot”. We also subscribe to many industry professionals to use their statistics and data to overlap with ours. This approach will result in a positive outcome for clients as they will have access to expert advice and support throughout the property buying process. Investment clients like our clinical approach being the right property, in the right location at the right time. Extensive due diligence is undertaken and the numbers tell the story.

Forever Home Clients

We specialise in finding your forever home in the areas we are in. We work extensively with you one on one to understand what you want from your home, what it looks like, what features it has or can be put in in a future date. We build your shopping list with you, find and present the properties that meet your criteria and budget.

What if you cant find a property for me?

We work extensively with you prior to agreeing to work together. Both of us must be comfortable and in agreement that what you are looking for is both potentially available on the market and within your price guide. If we agree that we are the right fit for each other you will be asked to pay a non refundable engagement fee of $2,999. For the full service the balance of our fees are paid across two payment milestones, $6,000 when your sale contract goes unconditional and $6,000 at settlement of your property – you have the keys.

How will you get us the best price

We will present to you only properties we believe can be purchased within your set budget and on the conditions agreed by you that can accompany any offers made. We will work with you to set both the target price – what you hope to get the property for and a final offer / walk away price. We will be with you each step of the way, ultimately, it’s your offer and your decision. Lisa has been working in business administration for over 30 years, most recently with Australia’s best professional negotiator as a buyer coach. We know many of the agent's sales tactics and will use this information to ensure you get the best price possible.

Can We Help First Home Buyers

Yes – Absolutely. We assist all types of buyers and explain in detail each step of the buying process and work with you teaching you as much as possible along the way. We understand that buying your first property is one of the most stressful and emotional financial situations you will face, that’s why we are here. We will work with you to understand your goals, this – your first house and potentially your forever home. We will help you develop your road map to property ownership and potentially a portfolio plan should you desire.

What is Rentvesting ?

Rentvesting is a property strategy where you simply rent where you want to live and purchase investment property(s) that have growth potential, provide a return and fit in your budget. This strategy is particularly powerful for those who may not know where they want to live, those who can’t afford to purchase where they want to live but want to get a foot on the property ladder or simply for those that want to establish a second income stream before purchasing their own home. Use our strategy service to help with this process and map out what you can possibly do.

Portfolio Planning

For all clients – we want to work with you for the long term. Whilst we can’t offer you financial advice we can show you how property can be used to create and build an income stream. We want long term clients and to help you achieve your goals.

Our Company

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